A new smooth tune from a Detroit hitmaker

Jazz saxophonist Daryl Beebe is back with a follow-up to his chart-topping hit.

Detroit is full of musicians who have hit the big time, finding major success on the billboard charts. Jazz saxophonist Daryl Beebe is one of those artist. His single “Breathe” made the top ten on the Smooth Jazz Billboard Charts, peaking at number six. Beebe is back with a follow-up. The native and proud Detroiter has new song called “Road Trip.” The song is meant to capture the fact that we are all spending a lot more time in the car during these pandemic times. Both “Road Trip” and “Breathe” are off Beebe’s upcoming album “Better Together” which will be out soon. Beebe joined Jason Carr live from his studio to chat about his new album, their shared love of the west side of Detroit, and their favorite jazz musicians.