What’s the difference between traditional braces and those clear aligners?

Looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas? Here’s something to consider

This Mother’s Day, you want to bring a smile to mom’s face.

Perhaps for some mothers, that all starts with straight teeth. (You could also win mom a $500 Visa gift card for Mother’s Day, but more on that soon).

“Live in the D” host Tati Amare chatted with Dr. Brad Santelli from Epic Smile Center about the importance of straight teeth, and those clear plastic aligners you see some people wearing.

You may have good teeth-brushing habits and and keep up with flossing daily, but a good smile and straight teeth make all the difference, Santelli said.

Straight teeth are not only beautiful, but they can build up your self-confidence, he added.

To make this happen, you can always get braces, but Santelli recommended using Invisalign instead.

He mentioned how braces can break, cause you to have more dentist appointments that take up time, and make you monitor what you eat -- whereas you don’t have any of those problems with Invisalign.

Invisalign is also a shorter process to get the beautiful smile you’re looking for, Santelli said.

Epic Smile offers Invisalign and can help you through the process.

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