Here are some ways women can prioritize their mental health in times of stress

Check on the women in your life for Women’s Health Month

BCBSM Mental Health on Live in the D
BCBSM Mental Health on Live in the D

This has been a stressful year for many, and it has been especially devastating for women and their mental health, some experts say.

Dr. Kristyn Gregory, director of Behavioral Health at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, said there is still a lot of stigma that comes with mental health.

The warning signs of a mental health crisis include an inability to handle daily tasks, rapid mood swings, agitation, harmful isolating behaviors, losing touch with reality and paranoia, Gregory said.

Gregory suggested starting a conversation with loved ones you may be worried about to see if they are OK.

Then, you can encourage professional help if needed, and always take action if there is a threat of harm to themselves or someone else.

Gregory also said that being in touch with yourself is a great way to manage your mental health.

This could mean meditation, journaling, saying positive affirmations or anything else that involves self-care.

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