Get the best bra fit for your return to “normal” life

Busted Bra is making your outfits more comfortable

Busted Bra on Live in the D
Busted Bra on Live in the D

During the pandemic, as many stayed home, people opted for the comfort route wearing more sweats and fewer bras. Now, as many people return to work, it’s time to bring the bras back.

Host Tati Amare chatted with Lee Padgett, the owner of Busted Bra, to learn more about how to get re-acquainted with our bras.

Busted Bra is a local bra shop that measures and fits bras to anyone who wants one. They have an assortment of bras for any fit ranging in size A to O cup and a 28-inch to 54-inch band.

Lee showed off different bras like a laced demi-cut and bras with more movable fabric. Lee also suggests a bralette if you’re not quite ready to go back to a wired bra.

When you get measured it is important to get your band and cup measurement. Then after you try them on they can be accessed for shape and fit, which Lee says usually gets lost in the fitting process by other fitters. The shape can be seen when looking at your shoulders, waist length, and more.

Busted Bra has locations in Ann Arbor, Chicago, Rochester Hills, and two locations in Detroit.

Watch the video to learn more.

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