Peelable wallpaper can decorate more than walls

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan has a new use for this trendy décor

Jon Jordan Peelable Wallpaper on Live in the D

When you put up wallpaper you may never have thought to use it on an old coffee table, mailbox, or anything else in your home, to give it more flare. Peelable wallpaper is a trend used to easily redecorate your house with an easy-to-stick and remove paper, if you didn’t get it right the first time or simply don’t like it.

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan shared how the wallpaper is not only an alternative to paint, but also can be used to give some life to items in your home that need an update, like old furniture.

In the video above, see how simple the process to style different items in your home can be with this new trendy decorating item.

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