How do you celebrate the 4th?

Food, fireworks and lots of music

Live in the D- What's the Buzz: Does Summer Go Too Quickly?

What’s the Buzz is the holiday weekend, which is just a few days away. With it already hitting the fourth of July, you may be thinking, “what happened to June?” Joining Host Jason Carr to talk about the holiday weekend are friends of the show, Blaine Fowler, with “The Blaine Fowler Morning Show” on 96.3 WDVD, Vanessa Cohen, the Co-Founder of The Cohen Brand, and comedian Mike Bonner.

So, does the Fourth of July make it feel like summer is already halfway over? Bonner says no, the Fourth marks the start of summer for him. After over a year in lockdown, he is ready to celebrate the Fourth. Cohen agrees, saying as a Michigander, she likes to milk every day of nice weather we have.

Fowler likes to celebrate Independence Day with as much food as possible and catching some fireworks. In particular, he is all about the burgers. He loves to use ground chuck with the 80/20 meat to fat ratio so they come out nice and juicy and flavorful. Bonner, on the other hand, will be grilling up turkey burgers so he can stick to his diet. Cohen said she wanted Bonner to host a BBQ with Fowler’s band playing as entertainment, and her husband cooking on the grill. The key, she claims, is to play all hustling music so everyone can dance and have fun.

Are you all about going to a fireworks show, or do you like to light them off at home? While Cohen wishes she could light them off at home, there have been too many close calls, so she is letting the professionals shoot off the fireworks.

So how do you celebrate the fourth?

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