Learn self-care with a new plant

Leaf Me Plant Boutique provides plant wisdom to practice self-care

Leaf Me Plant Boutique on Live in the D

The pandemic has caused many people lots of stress and anxiety but it also allowed time for self-care. Now that the world is returning to normal, you should try to keep self-care as part of your schedule.

One store wants to help you start your self-care process with a simple addition to your household, a plant!

Live In The D host Tati Amare chatted with Alexis Sims, the owner of Leaf Me Plant Boutique in Hamtramck, about finding the best plant for you.

Sims refers to to the Leaf Me Plant Boutique as a place that helps you grow. She helps you find what the best plant is for you based on what you can handle in your daily life and what’s best for the atmosphere you have in your home.

She also offers life lessons or “plant wisdom” which helps you to take care of the plant and learn how taking care of the plant can help in your own emotional therapeutic process.

Sims also created a fertilizer called “plant growth elixir.” This is a black-owned, liquid, vegan fertilizer that’s easy to use.

Watch the video to learn more.

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