This sunflower and lavender farm might be the perfect summer outing for the family

Debuck's Sunflower Farm on Live in the D

Summer and family time feel like they go hand in hand, don’t they?

If you’ve been considering all the fun things you can do, imagine this: you and your crew in a field of beautiful flowers, lavender and fruit, picking anything you’d like, to take home with you.

The DeBuck’s Farm has all of the above for a day of family fun.

Scott DeBuck said families love the U-Pick farm, which allows guests to find fresh fruits, lavender and big, bright flowers for themselves or someone else. It’s a simple, fun activity that is exciting for all ages. And you’ll leave with everything you need for a sweet gift or centerpiece. Plus, you can even take off the seeds from the flowers and plant them in your own yard.

DeBuck, the co-owner of the farm, said U-Pick is available three to four times a week.

If you miss a U-Pick day, there are plenty of other activities to do, like painting sunflower pictures or doing yoga in the lavender fields, among others.

Tickets are available online.

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