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Pamper yourself with this pedicure

DIY Pedicure Kit from Polished Lounge

Midtown Detroit – Sandal season is here and you may want to pamper yourself with a pedicure. However, you may not yet be comfortable with going into a salon just yet. Luckily, one local salon is selling DIY Pedicures you can do at home!

Polished Lounge in Midtown opened up in the fall of last year, mid-pandemic. Owner Ia Vang realized many people weren’t yet ready to go into a salon, so she decided to bring the salon to them.

Each kit comes with a manicure kit (file, orange stick, buffer), pumice stone, toe separators, a Green Tea spa package with 4 steps, and a nail polish of your choice.

Here are the instructions Vang gave:

You start by putting step one, the detox plant powder, into a tub of warm water. While it dissolves, trim and file your toenails. Then dip your feet in for a quick soak.

Now your cuticles should be nice and soft, so you can gently push them back using the orange stick and then buff them away with the buffer.

After another quick soak, use step two, an exfoliating scrub to get rid of dry skin. You can use the pumice stone to help smooth difficult areas.

Rinse again, and then use step 3, a mud mask. In the salon, after applying the mask, they wrap your legs in a warm towel. You can try to replicate that at home.

Once the mask feels dry, rinse it off. Now you’re ready to paint your nails. You can use the toe separators to make it easier.

When the polish is dry, finish with step 4, the lotion.

The DIY Pedicure kit costs $20, while a regular pedicure at the salon costs $35, and a deluxe pedicure costs $45. You can book an appointment or even book them to host a small party (capacity is limited).

Polished Lounge is located at 4417 2nd Ave #3 in Midtown Detroit.

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