This singer is ready to bring soul music back to the stage

Dani Darling showcases her new soul ballad, “The Down”

Music Mondays - Dani Darling
Music Mondays - Dani Darling

This week’s Music Monday welcomed back a singer who not only has a new album coming out, but also has a new sound. Soul singer Dani Darling joined host Jason Carr to talk about how her entry into a new music genre transformed her new album and gave a preview of her new song, The Down. Dani said during the pandemic she won a fellowship that allowed her to write and record a psychedelic-soul album, something that is very new to her. She said it was a challenge and a risk, but she is very proud of the outcome.

Dani also said that she is looking forward to performing her music live in front of an audience. She said she feels that it affirms why she is a musician, feeling the energy from the crowd and watching their reaction to her music. She said that seeing her music affect people in real time is thrilling and she can’t wait to get that feeling again.

Watch the video above to see Dani Darling’s new video for her song The Down.