Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Jackman, Michael Keaton, and more hit the big screen this weekend

A weekend of action and Halloween spirit

Reel Talk - The Protégé, Reminisence, and The Night House

Maggie Q will be joining Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton on the big screen for the newest action/thriller film, The Protégé. The film follows Maggie Q’S character, an orphan adopted by Samuel L. Jackson, who is the top hitman. Her mission is to find out what happened to him after he is murdered.

Maggie Q calls the battles in the film with Michael Keaton a dance, and it was all about trust between her and Keaton to make sure everything was right.

Movie reviewer Greg Russell calls it a fun popcorn movie with a lot of action to end the summer.

Next is Reminiscence starring Hugh Jackman. He plays a scientist who has figured out a way to relive past memories to find out different things. In the film, Jackman follows a conspiracy and uses technology to try to figure out what’s going on.

Finally, Russell covers a Halloween spirited film called The Night House starring Rebecca Hall. Her character goes back to the cottage that her husband took his own life in and senses strange spirits around her.

Hall told Russell the power of this film’s imagination is what drives the story.

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