A fresh take on dining is found at this Ann Arbor restaurant

Fresh Forage offers sustainable dining with international and local flair

All About Ann Arbor: Fresh Forage on Live in the D
All About Ann Arbor: Fresh Forage on Live in the D

If you are looking for a meal that support a clean, fresh food diet, and you’re not hesitant in trying new and unusual ingredients, there is a restaurant you might want to visit. Fresh Forage in Ann Arbor says they take care in finding and using fresh, locally sourced products to provide tasty and healthy dishes. Owner Andrew Sereno joined Tati Amare to share more about the restaurant, and showcase some of their most popular entrees.

Sereno said started the business because he wanted to have a place to eat in Ann Arbor that made the things he likes to eat, which is mostly healthy, fresh foods. He scrapped his initial plans of becoming a chemical engineer, he was studying at University of Michigan, and decided to open a restaurant. Sereno said he’s had a lifelong passion for food and he wanted to provide a kind of restaurant he felt was missing in Ann Arbor.

Fresh Forge serves dishes that are centered around one particular vegetable or spice and then turned it into a dish that people may already know, but have not had the Fresh Forage way. One such dish is their Mediterranean Bowl which includes spinach falafel and Halloumi cheese. Or, the vegan sweet potato nachos made with vegan cheese created in-house.

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