How’s your mental health? This advice is spot on

Expert: Creating healthy sleeping, eating, exercising habits is key

Health Week: CNS on Live in the D

With all the stress, uncertainties and hardships that came with the pandemic, many have faced challenges with mental health, as well. But help is available.

CNS Healthcare -- a community behavioral health clinic that provides mental health services for adults, children and families -- specializes in helping people who may be struggling, said Amy Stern, the program manager for the group.

Many people are feeling the negative impacts of the pandemic, but their typical ways of soothing stress are not always available, Stern said on “Live In The D.”

The main way to maintain your mental health is to create healthy sleeping, eating and exercise habits, Stern said. She also stressed the importance of social activities and taking “me time.”

Stern said it’s time to ask for help when you’re feeling too much or too little for too long.

Consider reaching out for assistance if you’re not feeling like yourself, or if you’re eating or sleeping more or less than normal, Stern added.

If you feel that you or a loved one may be struggling with mental well-being, it’s important to get help and support.

“There is help and there is hope,” Stern said.

Watch the video above and click here to learn more about how CNS Healthcare can help and the services the group offers.