A big red dog and black and white dramas make a colorful impact on screens this weekend

Reel Talk highlights the movies “Clifford”, “Belfast”, and “Passing”

Reel Talk on Live in the D

A big red dog, and two dramas shot in black and white are the movies coming to big and small screens this weekend. Movie Reviewer Greg Russell spoke to Jason Carr about new movies, “Clifford”, “Belfast”, and “Passing”, three movies that Greg had a lot to talk about as we head into awards season.

“Clifford”, starring John Cleese, is a new take on the classic children’s book about the big red dog that steals everyone’s hearts. This time he is being raised by a young girl in a small apartment in New York City, and all kinds of shenanigans ensue. Greg spoke to Cleese about his character in the movie, and his true views about Cleveland. Greg said this was a great movie for kids and gave it a “kid’s” four reels out of five.

Next was “Belfast”, a movie by award-winning director Kenneth Branagh, and stars Jamie Dornan and Jude Hill. The movie is Branagh’s semi-autobiographical story of his childhood growing up in Northern Ireland. Greg said Hill does a wonderful job as the main character in the movie, and he gave it four and a half reels out of five.

Finally, was the movie “Passing”, starring Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga. This is a drama that focuses on two African American friends in the late 1920′s, one is “passing” as a white woman, the other is “passing” through life as a light-skinned black woman. Greg said the movie is moving and covers a topic that is extremely sensitive and difficult, however is a prevalent part of African American history. He gave the film four reels out of five.

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