Deon Cole plans to bring jokes that “slap”

The comedian shared what it was like to work with Idris Elba and his love for Detroit

Deon Cole on Live in the D

You may have seen him on shows like “Blackish” and “Grownish”, also maybe in the movie “Barbershop”. Comedian Deon Cole has been very busy lately starring in the Netflix western “The Harder They Fall”, and being on the road with this comedy show “Coleology”, which he is bringing to the Motor City Casino Sound Board on Thursday. Cole spoke to Tati Amare about the show and his experience working with one of Tati’s favorite actors, Idris Elba.

Cole, who played Wiley Escoe in “The Harder They Fall”, said it was great working with the talented ensemble cast, he was especially impressed with Elba’s personality and humor. He also talked about the difference between acting on camera and doing stand-up comedy. He said being a comedian is very therapeutic for him, it’s a way to express his feelings, where acting lets him become another person.

Cole also has a strong connection to Detroit, he said he has numerous family members here, and, being from Chicago, he would come to Detroit a lot for shows as an up-and-coming comedian.

Watch the video above to find out which Deon Cole joke constantly cracks up the Live In The D crew!