Holiday ideas that can help you save $$ this season

Food Network personality Sunny Anderson has tricks for the kitchen and gift giving

Sunny Anderson Food saving ideas on Live in the D

We know the holidays can bring a lot of joy but it can be stressful with juggling everything you have going on and keeping an eye on that shopping budget as well. To help with some advice on how you can save in the kitchen and keep a little jingle in your pocket, Tati Amare spoke with Food Network personality and best-selling cookbook author Sunny Anderson.

If families are steering away from turkey or ham being the centerpiece for yet another holiday, Anderson suggested Cornish game hens. They are smaller which means they take less time roasting and will look very cute on the holiday table.

When it comes to baked goods, Anderson recommends putting the baking tools down and supporting a local business. She says that she enjoys stopping by local bakeries to find something sweet and tasty for the holidays, The cookbook author said you can also grab something simple from the grocery store and put your crafting skills to work by designing your food to fit the holiday décor. Consider adding a Rudolph nose or green frosting to create a Christmas tree.

Anderson even commented on gift-giving and says she wants to make “re-gifting” cool. She likes to refer to it as “repurposing” but this is a great way to declutter and give people items that they may enjoy more than you do.

Watch the video for more tricks to make your holidays less stressful and ring in more cheer.

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