Find a cool album and cocktail at this unique Ypsilanti bar

WaxBar not only has an vast collection of vinyl records, but a music-based cocktail menu

All About Ann Arbor: WaxBar on Live in the D

Have you ever heard of a record store and a bar being all in one place? It might sound like a dream come true, because there is a such a place! WaxBar in Ypsilanti’s Depot Town has walls of vinyl records ready for purchase, and a full bar where you can chill as you check out the albums. WaxBar was opened by a restauranteur/music lover who wanted to combine two of his favorite things, and when the perfect space became available, he opened the eclectic store.

Bar manager, Brian Guerrier, said the WaxBar has just about any and all genres of music, from punk rock to Motown and R&B. The store is always searching for different styles of music and musicians to highlight, but Brian says the classics from rock to doo-wop, tend to sell the best. The intimate setting of chairs and couches make it easy for friends and strangers to sit down and have deep conversations about the music that surrounds them.

The bar aspect of WaxBar is just as interesting as the music you may find there, with Caribbean-influenced cocktails that have names based on the owner’s favorite artists and bands. Plus, the presentation of the drinks are eye-popping. Some are topped with colorful garnishments like orchids, or you could get a cocktail that’s served in a Chinese food take-out container.

For more information on the WaxBar, watch the video above.

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