Something to drink when you’re not “drinking”

The Casamara Club shares what makes a “leisure soda”

Nearing the end of dry-January, mocktails and other non-alcoholic beverages have increased in popularity. Detroit based Casamara club has created their own style of mocktails, and they come in many flavors.

President of the club, Jason LaValla, joined “Live In The D” co-host Jason Carr this morning to talk about what the club is all about. LaValla said they are a leisure soda company, which means their drinks are made to let you relax without feeling bad the next day. He said the drinks lay between a healthy beverage and an alcoholic one, while not being sweet like most sodas.

LaValla shared some of the most popular flavors including “Alta”, an italian style aperitif made to mimic something you may get at a beach club on the coast of Italy. He said “Como” includes alpine flavors like mint and chamomile to let you escape to a mountain lake.

If you prefer an American style drink, LaValla said their newly released drinks might be right up your alley. He said “Isla” is a mellow-ginger drink inspired by a “dark and stormy”, and their “Fora” is a red drink inspired by New Orleans cocktail culture.

To hear more about the why LaValla wanted to get into the non-alcoholic drinks, and where to find them, watch the video above.