Celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day with one of these tasty drinks

Whether you like traditional or spiked, these places will warm you up with their take on hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of the best drinks to enjoy in the winter. The rich chocolate, the marshmallows, it just hits the spot on a cold day. Monday is National Hot Chocolate Day, and Kila Peeples found three places in and around Detroit that serve up a mean mug of hot cocoa, and they all have their own flair. If you like an old fashioned, like grandma used to make cup of hot chocolate, a good place to go to is Fourteen East on Woodward Ave in downtown Detroit.

Owner Joanne Czerny said she found a supply company that made a hot chocolate powder using ingredients that her grandmother used to make her cocoa. Joanne said she wanted to re-create the taste of home in her hot chocolates. You can choose to have either a cup of milk chocolate or white chocolate, both are topped with foamed milk, sprinkles, and a cute design. If you like a little kick to your cocoa, you can try Toast in Birmingham for a spiked hot chocolate. One of their cocoas iS made with coffee flavored liqueur, Irish cream, and vodka; then is finished with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. There’s also a Campfire hot chocolate that is topped with roasted marshmallows, graham cracker bears, and chocolate chips. The hot cocoas can be made with, or without alcohol.

If you want something out of the box, there’s the tahini hot chocolate at Saffron de Twah in Detroit. Known for being in the savory spread, hummus, tahini is often paired with chocolate in other countries. Chef Omar Anani wanted to share his version of the drink, by creating a thick, rich hot cocoa that is topped with homemade whipped cream, and sesame seeds.

For more on these delicious hot chocolates, watch the video above.

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