A program in Detroit is helping young men explore life outside of the city limits

The group provides young men the opportunity to travel and bond

This week’s Heart of Detroit highlights a program where young men from Detroit are given the chance to do something many of them have never done before, travel outside of the city, and even state. Ed Boyd of Connect the Dots Consulting, and Charles Thomas of Results Mentoring work together to provide trips to young men who live in Detroit. It’s to encourage them to look beyond the place they live, and to observe the opportunities that are available to them in other places. They have traveled to places like Washington D.C. and New York City, to show the young men that if they see more, they can do more.

For five days they get to visit museums, go to baseball games, and even inside of a network television station. Thomas said that at least 90% of the young men who go on the trips have never been outside of the metro Detroit city limits. Boyd added that because many of the young men have never been, or even thought they could visit these places, it is a bonding experience.

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