“Mr. Mayor” is back to work tomorrow night

Stars of the show talk about their acting relationship and recipe for success

“Mr. Mayor” is getting back to work as Ted Danson and Holly Hunter continue to butt heads. The season continues this Tuesday, and follows the absent-minded Mayor who still cannot find common ground with his deputy mayor and biggest critic.

Hunter and Danson joined “Live In The D” co-host Jason Carr to discuss the show, and their experience on set.

Danson said the only reason his characters is running as the mayor yet again, is to prove that he is not “out of the game”. It is a terrible reason to run for any office, and Danson said the Mayor is fully aware of that and his mistakes. So, he tries to higher younger minds as part of his innovation team to keep things fresh.

Holly said despite the hilarity of the show, they try to keep a level of professionalism and truth within their characters. She said they have a lot of fun portraying these individuals, and the competition/comradery makes the show satisfying.

This show already has some devoted fans, and Ted said the writing is the reason why. He said his experience in theater, and other comedies, has made him realize the writing sits at the success of each production.

To see the full interview, and a clip from the show, watch the video above.