You might want to watch these baseball movies Opening Day weekend

Movie reviewer Greg Russell shares his favorite baseball films, plus talks with actor Mark Walhberg

The Tigers are celebrating Opening Day at Comerica Park, and that could mean it’s a great weekend to watch some of your favorite baseball movies. There are definitely some classics that take place on the baseball field. Movie reviewer Greg Russell shared the top three baseball movies he thinks can get people in the mood for the baseball season.

Here are Greg’s picks:

1. “For The Love of the Game”

2. “Major League”

3. “Bad News Bears”

If you’re looking to catch a new movie, you have some options, including one starring die-hard baseball fan Mark Walhberg. While Walhberg’s latest film isn’t about baseball, it is coming out as the Major League Baseball season gets underway. Greg talked with Walhberg about the movie “Father Stu,” which is based on a true story. Walhberg is both an actor and producer on the film. He plays the role of Stuart Long, who is an amateur boxer who finds a calling to become a Catholic Priest. Walhberg says fans are finding inspiration in the story and it’s touching people in their own unique way. “Father Stu” will be in theaters April 13.

Jake Gyllenhaal also has a new movie hitting theaters. It’s called “Ambulance” and is rated R. For something more family friendly, you might want to check out “Sonic The Hedgehog 2,″ which stars some big names like Jim Carrey. The veteran actor plays the role of Dr. Robotnik. Idris Elba is the voice of Knuckles, while Colleen O’Shaughnessey is the voice of Tails.

Watch the video above to hear more about Greg’s favorite baseball movies and the new movies making their debuts.

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