Hear one of the bands that will perform at the Detroit Music Awards

Get a taste of what is to come at the virtual event this weekend

It is the time of year to recognize the best in Detroit music at the Detroit Music Awards happening this weekend.

For this week’s Music Monday we invited Gary Graff, even organizer for the Detroit Music Awards, to tell us about the event and some of the performances you could see.

A long standing tradition, the awards feature some of Detroit’s biggest music legends, and spotlight emerging local musicians. Gary said the voting is done by the professional music community of Detroit from musicians, managers, producers, journalists, DJ’s, and many others working in Detroit’s music industry. He said it is definitely a professional award, as opposed to a popular award.

There will be many performances happening at the virtual event this year, including Greta Van Fleet, Johnny Bee and the Murder Hornets, the cast of Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and Times of the Temptations, J.T. Harding, Polo Frost, Pamela Wise, and many more.

The list also includes one of the upcoming new bands in Detroit, Mac Saturn, who plays many different styles of music. Gary said they cover genres that you are hearing around the metro area like Rock, Soul, and R&B. They have been nominated for the “Outstanding Live Performance” award this year, and joined us in studio to perform their song “Mr. Cadillac.”

To find out how to attend the event, and hear Mac Saturn perform, watch the video above.