Making it “Rain” soul and R&B in Detroit this weekend

Meet one of the bands performing at The Hotel Royal Oak Music Series

For this week’s Music Monday we invited Laura Rain & The Caesars to tell us about their music and upcoming performance.

The band recently released a new album called Rise Again, and Laura said the collection of songs were a product of the pandemic. Despite being written during lockdown, the album placed fourth on the U.K. soul chart.

The band will also be one of the featured performances at The Hotel Royal Oak music series this weekend. Laura said these music events are training the community and audience to know that there is going to be good quality high-level entertainment in their area. With no-cost admission events happening every weekend, the shows make for great family events.

One of their most popular songs is called Bring It On Back, and the band performed it live in studio. You can enjoy more of their performances at Hotel Royal Oak this Saturday at 6:00 p.m..

To hear Laura & The Caesars perform, and the full interview, watch the video above.