Why you might see more people with a Red Nose

Wilmer Valderrama shares the importance of this day

You recognize him from shows like “NCIS” and “That 70s show.” You also recognize his voice from the Academy Award winning film “Encanto” and the hit animated series “Handy Manny.” Wilmer Valderrama joined “Live In The D” to extend the invitation to be part of an initiative that helps kids across the globe.

The red nose is often associated with clowns and can look at as a little silly, but Wilmer says the meaning behind this is important. Red Nose Day is a fundraising campaign run by a nonprofit organization Comic Relief U.S.. It is dedicated to ending the cycle of child poverty and ensuring healthy futures for all children.

The campaign has been exclusive to Walgreens for eight years, but took a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic for the last two years and is now back in stores.

Wilmer says it was important for him to get involved in this because he has committed a big extension of his career to show up to conversations that are meaningful to him. He says he looks back on his childhood and realizes the sacrifices his parents made when he came to the United States. He added that he thinks about his humble beginnings and now that he has an18-month-old daughter, it brings him full circle to that.

He also said that the last two years have taken a major toll on families, especially children, and taught us that we need to be more aware of what we are going through in unity and this campaign brings us together on what is important.

Wilmer said being a part of “Encanto” is insane, special, and fun. He says this movie has done a lot for pop culture and represents family and people universally. He also empathized that when his daughter grows up, she is going to have movies like this around which will matter to them.

For more information about Red Nose Day visit any Walgreens store to give a donation of $1 for a red nose. Donations are also accepted online on Walgreens website, which unlocks a red nose filter on Facebook and Instagram.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

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