Husband-wife duo finds success mixing up the popcorn experience

New store features various popcorn flavors

Popcorn can be perfect for family movie night, but is your popcorn living up to its flavorful potential? There’s a store that just opened in Taylor that’s taking popcorn way beyond extra butter.

Poppin’ and Mixin’ was founded by husband-wife team Antonio and Stacey Spano. Their shop is all about giving customers the chance to choose from various flavors. Poppin’ and Mixin’ has a “mix-in” concept where you can add in toppings like cookies, M&M’s and more. Another way customers can make the popcorn their own is by mixing together different flavors of popcorn like strawberry and banana. Poppin’ and Mixin’ also offers desserts like fudge and cotton candy.

In addition to popping a lot of kernels, the Spanos have poured a lot of hard work and dedication into Poppin’ and Mixin’. Their journey to opening a brick-and-mortar location included selling popcorn in tents at events, along with operating a food truck. Their new store is located at 8200 S. Telegraph Road in Taylor.

Watch the video above to hear the Spanos share advice for other entrepreneurs.

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