Here’s one way to ensure your missing pet returns home

Michigan Humane shares the importance of microchipping for pets

People take their pets almost wherever they go, including to outdoor events, camping, and road trips. When your pets are in unusual surroundings, they may become disoriented and could get lost.

But there is a high-tech way to find and reunite with your beloved pet, and Devan Bianco from Michigan Humane visited Live in the D with co-host Tati Amare to explain further, along with a lovable pet in need of a home.

According to America Humane, just 15% of lost dogs and 2% of lost cats are reunited with their owners out of a million pets lost each year. Since ID tags and collars can get lost or broken, Bianco recommends microchips that can store important information and be implanted in your pet.

Microchipping is available for pets at most veterinary clinics and Michigan Humane. Call (866) M-HUMANE if you have any queries regarding microchipping.

Dingo, a two-month-old guinea pig, is this week’s pet of the week. He is shy but extremely nice, and he is searching for a home with lots of snacks and snuggles. Dingo may live in any home, but Bianco advises that if you are new to guinea pigs, do your research since they do require care, such as nail clipping every two weeks.

The Mike Morse Law Firm will pay the standard adoption fees to whoever adopts today’s pet of the week.

Watch the video above for more information.

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