A quick fix for your diet may not be best

There are some red flags to think about before you grab a dietary supplement

Many people want to shed a few or many extra pounds they have “hanging around”. But. nutrition and Fitness expert Jody Trierweiler says she wants people to resist the urge to grab something off the shelf that is a supplement because the bottles will claim it will increase your metabolism, stops the absorption of fat while eating, and it is going to increase weight loss. She warns, with those extreme stimulants, there are definitely side effects.

Trierweiler says caffeine can be taken in safe doses depending on each person. While caffeine can be a safe fat burner, it can also be dangerous. People should be cautious and look at each label about caffeine consumption. Trierweiler also says the FDA and the Cleveland Clinic agree about 400mg a day is the max for caffeine. To put in perspective, one cup of coffee is about 80mg.

When taking stimulants, you are increasing your heart rate and your blood pressure but you are not exercising. Trierweiler says the blood flow is not going safely to your muscles like it would be if you were exercising. This can cause anxiety, insomnia, or high blood pressure, an adverse effect that can do more harm than good when it comes to the weight loss.

Trierweiler says there are studies proving that you can burn more fat drinking coffee during your workout. Eating foods like eggs, fish, and lean meats can also help you burn fat.

For more ways to increase your weight loss journey, watch the video above.