Three things to think about before trying these indoor sports

A one stop shop of indoor fun

Have you tried curling? How about axe-throwing?

If not, you are in luck! The HUB Stadium located in Novi, will be hosting its grand opening this week. The new location will feature 6 curling lanes, 17 axe-throwing stalls, and 8 football bowling lanes.

Jason Carr was joined by chief operating officer, Brian Hussey and he asked, “How did you decide on curling?” Brian said he always identified curling as a fun activity for people to do but it’s not normally available for people to try by the hour. Anybody can play after going to the website and reserving a lane.

The axe-throwing activity at The HUB is definitely a unique experience. Each stall is interactive with its own projector that displays different games and guests can choose which games they want to play.

When asked what advice he had for playing each game Brian had some good tips. First, dress warm for curling because you will be on the ice. Just like an ice skating rink, it will be chilly. When it comes to axe-throwing he said wear shoes, no sandals, because you’re throwing a real axe. Lastly, for football bowling, practice throwing that football because it is approximately a 50ft throw.

For more information about The HUB and all the activities they offer, watch the video above.