Visit one of the top art fairs in the country

Plan a day at The Kensington Metropark Art Fair

The Detroit area is home to all kinds of art fairs where you can find one-of-a-kind pieces from local and national artists. One popular event is the Kensington Metropark Art Fair which will be open Memorial Day weekend from May 28-30.

Today on “Live In The D”, host Jason Carr spoke to two local artists that will be featured at the fair, Marie Rust and Sean McLain.

When asked about how she works and how she puts her art pieces together, Marie said it begins with photography. Maire uses her own images because they are an important part of the process of creating her art. Then, she uses those images as a reference to do color pencil and ink drawings. Marie says she is not a traditional color pencil artist because she doesn’t do the technique of blending. By not blending the colors together, the drawings appear to show more detail, a goal Marie says is key to her artwork.

Next, Jason asked Sean McLain about the passion in his art that mainly focuses on water. Sean says his passion for photography began from growing up surfing in Northern Michigan. Sean says when he plans to take photos of water at a lake, he can stay in the same spot for hours, continuously shoot, and every picture will be different.

The Kensington Metropark Art Fair will host food trucks, music, and hands-on art projects as well this weekend.

For more information about Marie Rust and Sean McLain, watch the video above.