Dad or Mom to the rescue?

Local dads breakdown where they stand when it comes to Mom vs. Dad

Father’s Day is approaching, which means lots of people will be thinking about dad this weekend. But, are dads often forgotten because mom is always on the top of our minds?

Today on “Live In The D”, Jason Carr sat down with Jason Hall from RiDetroit and Blaine Fowler, the host of The Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD, to discuss this everlasting question of mom or dad for What’s the Buzz.

To start things off, Jason asked about dad jokes. As we all know, Jason loves to share a good dad joke every morning. Some would say they are hits, but others, maybe not. Fowler said he likes when people who aren’t dads tell dad jokes because everyone knows a good dad joke whether you are a dad or not.

What comes to mind when you hear the word parent?

Both Fowler and Hall said they think of mom, while Jason said he thinks of dad when he hears the word parent. Jason said to him, the word parent has an applied seriousness to it, which makes him think of dad. On the other hand, Hall said he thinks of mom because moms usually run the household. Blaine said he thinks dad is the “nuclear” option when it comes to running the household.

Next up: people always say “Hi mom” on TV instead of “Hi dad”. If you were on TV in a moment, would you say “Hi mom” or “Hi dad”?

Hall and Fowler agreed on saying “Hi mom”. Hilariously, Jason Hall said dads are “just there” while watching television so you have to say “Hi mom” for sure.

Who in your eyes is typically the fun one? Mom or Dad?

All three agreed that dad is usually viewed as the fun parent. Blaine picked dad because he said his dad was the best, especially when his mom would be out of town because that meant going out for pizza.

To see what else the dads had to say, watch the video above.