Here’s a chance to enjoy fun family events all summer long

It’s all happening in one imaginative place, and they have a full lineup!

After all the fun of the Fourth of July, the rest of the summer may seem a little boring. But, wait! You can expect summer-long entertainment at one location in the D.

Keith Aldridge, the owner of Canterbury Village in Lake Orion, said there are activities every weekend throughout the summer.

The Cowboys and Cowgirls Festival is a fun event that will take place at Canterbury Village on July 9–10. Aldridge says this will be the first year of a great event with gun fights, funny acts, carriage rides, and more. He says that you should bring your cowboy hats and boots.

The Michigan Medieval Faire Stroll will be held at Canterbury Village on July 16–17 and July 23–24. Aldridge says that their lineup is second to none in the state of Michigan. The Detroit Fight Club performed a sparring demonstration and explained how the point system works during a fight.

Next, Aldridge talked about the “Harry Potter’s Birthday Celebration” that will take place on July 30-31. He says that their castles make a magically beautiful background for Harry Potter. He also said that this event has been going on for a few years and that kids of all ages can dress up as Harry Potter.

Aldridge changed gears and began to think about August. He started by talking about the “Hippie Fest in the Village.” He says that this festival started in 2018 and is now one of the most popular things to do at Canterbury Village. He says it’s a chance to go back in time, have fun, listen to cool music, and shop at a lot of different stands. This will happen on August 13-14.

Next, there was a fun event called the “Michigan Dog Fest.” Aldridge says it’s a lot of fun and you can bring your furry friends, even cats, to the event on August 20-21.

Last but not least, August ends with the “Michigan Made Festival.” Aldridge says it’s a great way to help local small businesses and artists who sell their art and crafts. This event takes place on August 26-28.

Visit Canterbury Village in Lake Orion’s website to learn about all the wonderful events taking place this summer and to start making your plans.

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