Musicians from all over the world come together in the D

Concert of Colors has showcased Detroit’s cultural diversity for 30 years

As part of a lively music festival that is currently in its 30th year, tens of thousands of people continue to visit Detroit.

The Concert of Colors is a free, diversity-themed festival in Metro Detroit that celebrates the finest of world music. For eight exciting days, music, art, culture, and conversations will be spread across more than a half-dozen locations. All of this began on Saturday July 16 and will run through Sunday July 24.

Tomorrow night marks the 15th appearance of the Don Was All-Star Revue, which will pay tribute to Iggy Pop.

Don Was, who is from Metro Detroit and has won Grammy and Emmy awards, and Ismael Ahmed, who started Concert of Colors, talked about it on “Live in the D” with Jason Carr.

Ismael said the event was launched 30 years ago by a group of organizations from the communities of color to bring people together and enjoy each other’s culture and work together on important issues.

Don enjoys this event and calls it “old home week” since he gets to perform with artists he has been performing with for 40 years and does not see very often. He thinks it’s also thrilling to see familiar faces in the crowd after 15 years and hear new voices.

This festival is free, but it needs support. People can help by visiting the Concert of Colors website.

The complete interview may be seen in the video above.

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