You can experience One Night of Queen

Tribute show is coming to the D

Queen is known for hits like “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “I Want It All”, “Don’t Stop Me Now”, and so many others. Now, you have a chance to experience the iconic band in a new way. A tribute act called One Night with Queen is coming to Detroit Music Hall on Friday, August 12.

The front man of the experience, Gary Mullen, embodies the spirit and the voice of Freddie Mercury on stage. Mullen and his band, The Works, perform Queen’s famous songs during the act. Mullen says they use lights, costumes, and their energy to try to create a moment that fans will never see again, which is Queen with Freddie Mercury. Mullen says his band encourages the audience to “boogie” with them.

Mullen had a chance to meet Brian May from Queen. You can hear how he described the experience by watching the video above.

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