Tacos, burritos, and “Seaviche”: A known Detroit deli expands their menu

Also, make sure to check out their signature corn beef sandwiches!

Bread Basket Deli on Live in the D

The Bread Basket Deli in Detroit offers a variety of options from breakfast sandwiches to triple-decker clubs to peach cobbler.

Known for their numerous deli sandwiches including their legendary corn beef sandwich, reuben sandwich, and B.B. special, this Detroit restaurant is expanding their menu.

The Bread Basket Deli restaurant owner, Eizen Shina, said he wanted to give the customers a unique experience by offering a variety of options such as tacos, burritos, and ceviche.

“Live in the D’s” Jason Carr was joined on the show by Shina to discuss the new items added to the menu.

Now customers can build their own tacos and burritos while enjoying some of the new sides including Mexican street corn, chips and salsa, churro chips, etc.

The new “Seaviche bowls” are also available in shrimp, salmon, and tuna.

While there are nearly ten Bread Basket Deli locations, “Seaviche” is only offered at 3242 E Jefferson in Detroit.

For more details, watch the video above.