Hidden gem supports small Detroit businesses

Historic Bagley Mansion serving entrepreneurs

Bagley Mansion on Live in the D

If you’ve driven down East Jefferson near Chene in Detroit, you may have noticed a beautiful, historic building, with a black awning. “People have noticed it, but a lot of people wonder, what’s inside”, Vallery Hyduk, Co-Owner of the Bagley Mansion told “Live in the D,s” April Morton. Built in 1887 by former Michigan Governor John Bagley, the Bagely Mansion, as it’s still called today, was once home to the Bagley family. “In the past we’ve had a bridal shop in here, its been an event venue. It’s new innovation for post-Covid is that we’re leasing office space. There are 20 beautiful office spaces in the building which are primarily leased out to small businesses, entrepreneurs, serving Detroiter’s,” Hyduk said. The businesses serving Detroiter’s are all Detroit-based, and range from a massage parlor, tattoo artist, seamstress, event planner and more. The businesses serve in a much different capacity, but most have something in common. “We’re really proud that as we’ve pivoted to leasing that we created this wonderful environment predominantly African American, and strongly female,” Hyduk said. April sat down with a couple of small businesses there, and enjoyed a few great services.

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