How to get thrifty with your wedding décor and more

The new wedding trend that’s helping couples save money on their big day

Thrift Wedding Décor on Live in the D

If you’ve tied the knot, especially in more recent times, you know the costs associated with weddings aren’t cheap. In fact, according to Sarah Patton with Social Bliss Events, costs have increased an estimated 20–30% year over year. Those looking to exchange vows must come up with creative ways to save some cash.

“Essentially every part of my wedding that I could get thrifty with, I did,” Megan Dietz, Director of Operations for the Salvation Army of Southeast Michigan, told “Live in the D’s” April Morton. She’s not alone. Thrifted items are being used as wedding décor. It makes a lot of sense, since the items are used once, right? Dietz did this for her 2017 nuptials.

“The average wedding costs about $34,000 I think with inflation this year it’s probably far beyond that. “My wedding was about a quarter of that, so I saved a lot of money,” Dietz said, and still had a beautiful ceremony, she said.

Working in the thrift industry, Dietz said, she’s seeing that using something old is becoming the super new trend for wedding décor.

“Especially since 2017 in these recent years, as our donations have increased, I’ve seen a lot of items that people have DIY’ed for their own weddings, like table numbers or vases, so you can come in and find an entire collection of what you’re looking for. It’s really common at all stores. We have 30 stores in Southeast Michigan, and we see people shopping daily and weekly for items for their wedding,”Dietz said.

Thrifting for weddings also supports a worthy cause. Proceeds from sales at Salvation Army Southeast Michigan stores fully fund the nonprofit’s Adult Rehabilitation Center located in Detroit. This facility gives people who are struggling with alcohol and drug abuse a safe place to go where they can get help and get better.

To see the full interview and photos of Dietz’s thrifted wedding, click on the video above.

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