Take a sky-high adventure in Toronto

CN Edgewalk takes visitors to record-breaking heights

Visit Toronto: CN Tower on Live in the D

The city of Toronto, Canada has tons of jewels, but one that stands above all others is the CN Tower.

“We opened in 1976 and we entertain over a million visitors every single season,” said Matthew Clarke, Manager of Attractions at CN Tower Toronto. “Over the years we’ve had a number of different attractions. We’re always rejuvenating and adding new things every single season.”

There are three main attractions at the CN Tower.

There is the mail observation level where visitors can get a full panoramic view of the city at 114 stories high. The SkyPod is the highest observation platform in the Western Hemisphere (447 meters high.)

There’s also the 360 restaurant that rotates, giving guests a great view while dining.

But the main attraction is not for the faint of heart.

“Our EdgeWalk attraction, we still hold the Guinness World Record for being the highest external walk on a building, so that’s 116 stories up in the air where you’re just hanging by a harness,” Clarke said.

Live in the D’s April Morton took the walk 116 stories in the air! To see her in action, click video above.

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