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Detroit Region Aerotropolis discusses drone delivery technology

Aerotropolis on Live in the D

Look up! Considering the proximity of the airplanes, is it possible to imagine an additional traffic lane in the area? Recent developments in transportation technology look like they were lifted straight from a science fiction film.

It’s coming to the D thanks to the Detroit Region Aerotropolis, and CEO Christopher Girdwood joined “Live in the D” to chat about it.

Girdwood says that Detroit Region Aerotropolis began investigating low altitude airspace and how it could be used to deliver medicine to people on golf courses in the four towns surrounding the DTW and Willow Run. He explained that before they began, they needed to consider what communication technology was needed to safely create the sky highways.

Last year, the company was one of the first in the state to safely deliver food and beverages to golfers at the Lakes of Taylor Golf Course. Two months ago, in an effort to begin planning for medical delivery in the area, they collaborated with Beaumont Hospital and made use of the helipad to fly a drone on a half-mile route. They also want to use drones to get nutritious food to underserved communities.

According to the Girdwood, the company looks at it from an environmental and ecological standpoint, underlining that they do not believe there is a need to widen the roads when some of the traffic can be used in low-altitude airspace and maintain green space on the ground.

Taylor, Romulus, Van Buren Charter Township, and Huron Charter Township are now using the drones.

To learn more, check out detroitaero.org.

The complete interview is available in the video above.

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