Check out these wines that pair with Thanksgiving

House of Pure Vin gives advice on what to bring to the holiday

Thanksgiving is almost here so don’t let the holiday gobble up your fun by stressing over what dish to bring to your festivities. Instead, grab a bottle of wine. Caitlyn Caroline Wiley and Kayla Franklin from House of Pure Vin appeared on “Live In The D” to discuss what wines pair best with Thanksgiving foods.

According to Franklin, Beaujolais is a great wine for Thanksgiving dinner.

“This is a very easy-drinking wine. It’s also great for pairing with turkey, especially if it’s a bit on the drier side. It’s very juicy, you have a lot of cranberry, red current, and then a little bit of earthiness with potting soil, some black pepper as well. It’s great for the entire meal from start to finish,” Franklin said.

As for dessert, Wiley recommended a Moscato.

“Here we have a Moscato. Moscato is an Italian wine. This is sparkling, has a little bit of sweetness to it. It’s not too sweet, it’s definitely an approachable sweet but it has a lot of fruit flavors that make it easy to drink for anyone,” she said.

Franklin said wines of all prices can pair well with different meals.

“Mostly, what you want to focus on is pairing that wine with the meal and that will enhance the experience rather than the price tag,” she said.

To learn more, and see what House of Pure Vin has planned for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, watch the video above.

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