Check out this new lifestyle clothing brand in the Cass Corridor

The brand is all about simplicity, elegance, and longevity

We love shopping local on “Live in the D,” and today we have a new business that has opened in the Cass Corridor that is bringing about a clothing line that is also evolving into a lifestyle brand.

Ken Walker, founder of the K. Walker Collective, joined the show with co-host Tati Amare to tell us about his vision.

Walker described the aesthetic of the K. Walker Collective as simplicity, elegance, and longevity. He likes for people to take a piece and interpret how they want to wear it, and he emphasizes that the piece’s simplicity allows you to wear it in different ways, whether it be oversized or fitted.

“Sustainability has a double entendre meaning in my brand,” Walker said. “Obviously, in the process of making the clothes, but I want you to have a piece and keep it forever.”

The founder said he started out as a menswear brand, but women gravitated towards his brand faster than men. This made it important for him to use bright colors, especially yellows, pinks, beige, and pastels, in his designs.

For the holiday shopping season and beyond, Walker said the brand has an assortment of different colored beanies, pocketed sweatshirts, and puffer coats.

Speaking of puffer coats, Walker said the design process took about two years to complete because he wanted something warm and form-fitting but also something you could layer with different products. He also said the unique thing about the coats is the secret compartment on the back, which makes them more functional for people.

“That’s the versatility I try to have,” Walker said. “We are always trying to find different ways for pieces to be elevated, but also unisex, making sure every piece has that gender neutrality that I know the market is craving.”

Walker stated that as a small business owner, he promotes shopping locally. In fact, he stated that he purposefully opened on Small Business Saturday, which was created by American Express to encourage people to shop small rather than just when there is a sale.

For more information, please visit the K. Walker website.

The K. Walker Collective is located at 4161 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich.

Watch the video above to see the models showcase the merchandise as well as the full interview.

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