Have you heard of an intentions jar?

Local therapist shares advice on how it could help you reach your goals in 2023

If you started 2023 with New Year’s resolutions like cutting carbs, losing weight or sticking to a budget, you’re definitely not alone. You’re also not alone if you’re struggling to stay on track with your resolutions. However, there are more efficient ways to approach the traditional New Year’s resolution and navigate a path to success.

One Metro Detroit therapist suggests setting “intentions” rather than “resolutions.” Ronnie Hormel explained that intentions are easier, more flexible goals, and can help to eliminate feelings of failure. Hormel suggests having intentions that are not so specific. An example he shared while appearing on “Live In The D” is having the intention that you’d like to spend less time on your phone at night rather than giving yourself a 5 p.m. cutoff time and feeling a sense of failure when you’re on your phone after that time. People are more likely to stick to intentions, Hormel said.

One idea to help you achieve your goals is to have an intentions jar. Hormel suggested writing down your intentions and what you did to work toward them for the day. Then he said to fold it up and put it in the jar. If you’re feeling discouraged or that you’d like to be further with your goals, Hormel said you should go check the jar. He explained that you’ll often see that you’re doing more than you think.

Although Friday, January 13 is so called Quitter’s Day, a time that people often give up on their resolutions, Hormel said to “keep going” and be “flexible with what’s not working.” Watch the video above for additional advice from Hormel.

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