The ‘Night Court’ is back in session

The beloved sitcom is back on NBC with some familiar faces

The beloved sitcom is back on NBC with some familiar faces. – If you loved the popular sitcom Night Court from the 80s, chances are you will love the new reboot. That’s right, the beloved Manhattan Municipal Court will be returning for another season this month.

Fans can enjoy the arrival of new characters such as Abby Stone, the new night court judge, who will be played by actress Melissa Rauch, and returning to the show is John Larroquette who will reprise his role as Dan Fielding.

Larroquette said that “there’s lot of emotions” and “some fearful” about bringing Dan Fielding back to the screen because he has not played the character in decades and that becomes, “an interesting problem for an actor to approach.”

Larroquette said that there will be new “iconic characters” on the reboot of Night Court and the new cast consists of “young and hilarious and excellent performers.” Fans could also expect to see characters from the old series as well.

Melissa Rauch said that it was important to “keep the DNA of the show” for the reboot. Rauch said that on the new set it is, “the same physical blueprints of the original”, which will pay homage to the original series.

To learn more about where to watch Night Court, click the video above.