Meet the music with this local podcast

You can also sign up for their vinyl subscription service

Music has always been an important part of Thomas Corely’s life.

“I love everything about music,” says Corely. “It’s the soundtrack of my life.”

So it probably comes as no surprise to those who know him best, that he started a podcast talking all about music called “Meet the Music from A Capella to Zydeco.”

His journey with music started very young with a love of jazz, and as he got older and started DJ-ing he was introduced to house music. The Detroit radio DJs clued him into blue-eyed-soul, and then his Navy friends really got him into rock’n’roll. No matter the genre, Corely eagerly devoured it.

When podcasts started to become more popular, he toyed with the idea of creating his own, about music. He would frequently discuss music at home, so much so that his sons bought him a microphone for Father’s Day to encourage him to turn his passion into a podcast.

His first guest was Professor Chris Collins at Wayne State University, one of the brains behind the Detroit Jazz Festival. From there, he reached out to other academics and authors to have them on the show. Since starting in December of 2020, he has 33 episodes on the streaming platform Spotify.

Once the podcast was up and running, he started to consider how to monetize it and came up with a vinyl subscription service. Vinyl is his favorite way to listen to music and he wanted to share that with his listeners. There are multiple levels of membership and the introductory one comes with 2 pre-loved vinyls a month for $16.99.

For the full story, watch the video above.

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