Why good attendance is more important than you may think

Showing up 15 minutes late each day costs your child 7 full school days of learning

School is all about learning and so much more. It’s where friendships are made, and a place to discover new interests and experiences. Every school day counts, and that is why we spoke with Detroit Public Schools Community District about the importance of good attendance.

Showing up on time, every day actually has a large effect on students. If kids miss class, that frequently leads to lower test scores. It’s been shown to effect ACT and SAT scores, which often determine what type of college they can get into.

Good attendance is also important for students’ later schooling and careers. School attendance lays the groundwork and creates good habits for children to take with them into their adult years.

If a scholar is absent for 18 days for the whole school year, or 2 days per month, that is considered chronic absenteeism.

“They’re missing vital instruction, they’re missing that socialization with their peers. They’re missing that strong tier 1 instruction,” says Tyra Smith-Bell, the Principal of Pulaski Elementary-Middle School, part of the Detroit Public Schools Community District.

Now it is not just showing up every day, it is also showing up on time. Tardiness can really eat away at a child’s learning time. Showing up 15 minutes late each day costs your child 7 full school days of learning over the course of a year.

One piece of advice from a parent of a Pulaski scholar is to prep everything the night before so it is easier to get up and out the door on time.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 8th, is a particularly important day to show up as it is count day for the district, which determines the amount of state funding they get.

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