Have you tried this new/old look?

The doe will play when the cat is away

The doe will play when the cat is away. – What do Diana Ross, Twiggy, and Liza Minnelli all have in common? Well, if you said their eyes or eye makeup, you are correct. Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan joined Tati Amare and comedian Mike Bonner on “Live in the D” to share some tips on how to achieve doe eyed makeup.

Jordan said that a doe eye is a, “wide eye, it’s definition on the bottom,” which is unlike the cat eye which is narrow and slim and focuses the makeup on the top lid.

The key makeup to achieve this look is white eyeliner pencil. If you want more definition to your doe eye, Jordan said to add a little bit of brown eyeshadow to the bottom lash line. “The doe eye vs. the cat eye is all about reclaiming that bottom to define your eye,” Jordan said.

To learn more about doe eye makeup, watch the video above.