Celebrating Black History all year long

What’s The Buzz shines a light on interesting parts of Detroit’s Black History

We have been celebrating Black History Month all month long and before it ends, we want to talk about the month’s importance, and Black History in Detroit.

Joining host Tati Amare and guest host Blaine Fowler for the discussion are Orlando Bailey, a member of Bridge Detroit and Co-Host of the Authentically Detroit Podcast, and movie reviewer Greg Russell, who is also the owner of Russel Brothers City Tours, which does guided tours in Detroit.

First, they discussed how the need to celebrate Black History and Black contributions to society all year long. As Russell put it, “it serves more than 28 days.” Bailey echoed that point and suggested people speak to their parents, grandparents, and elders as they lived through that history, and it needs to be shared with the next generation.

Next, they talked about Black history in Detroit which is not well-known. Bailey brought up the fact that Detroit was a key stop in the underground railroad, and shared the story of Lucy and Thornton Blackburn, who escaped slavery through the underground railroad finding their way from Louisville to Canada with help from the people of Detroit. They went on to open the first taxi company in Toronto.

Russell looked a bit closer to home and shared the story of his father, who worked his way up from being a garbage man to the first African American City Commissioner in Detroit history.

They went on to cover some other figures and facts you may not be aware of, as well as discuss whether Hollywood is getting it right by telling more stories based on Black history.

For the full conversation watch the video above.

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