Historic Detroit dance still “Jitting” love

The “Jit” is still going strong decades later

It’s the fancy footwork you only see in the D. “It’s a footwork based dance, started in the 70′s, you have the Eastside dance crew started with Mad Dancers then you have the Westside which is the Jitterbug,” Lamar Bryant a member of Jitmaster and A-List Anonymous Dance Team told “Live in the D’s” April Morton.

It started of course with the footwork, but over the decades, the Detroit “Jit,” has incorporated many other dances like Ballet, Modern, and Jazz, even Breakdancing. But, in order to officially be called the “Jit,” Bryant says, “Shuffle, that’s the main thing, if you don’t have the shuffle, you can not Jit.”

The next generation is still keeping the Jit legacy alive. April Morton dropped in on a class where one time students are now teaching the dance.

Jit Masters are now offering lessons at 21630 Melrose Ave building I, Southfield, MI 48075. The Jit Masters will perform during the Detroit Cruise game half-time show, March 18th at the Wayne State Fieldhouse.

For the entire video, and to see the Jit Masters in action, click the video above.

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