Should siblings stay close?

We’re feeling the love on What’s the Buzz

Today is National Sibling’s Day! Growing up with a sibling can greatly impact your life from childhood through adulthood, so let’s talk about it! “Live In The D” host Tati Amare was joined by guest-host Brandon Roux, Comedian Mike Bonner, and Vanessa Cohen, founder of The Cohen Brand and Motor City Date Night.

Cohen and Bonner come from large families with Cohen having 6 siblings and 5 kids, and Bonner having 7 siblings and 5 kids as well. Both of them said they were very close to their siblings growing up. Now, Cohen says, it’s important to her for her kids to be close to their cousins, which allows her to still remain close to her siblings. Due to all the traveling, Bonner does for his job, he is able to stay in touch with all his siblings no matter where they live.

One of the major benefits of having siblings, according to both Cohen and Bonner, is their honesty. They explained it by saying very few people can tell you the truth like your siblings can, without sugarcoating and being direct. Cohen says she also likes to pull on her siblings’ various expertise when she needs advice.

For the full conversation, watch the video above. What’s the Buzz tackles a new topic every Monday.

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