Design a traditional ‘Pisanki’ polish egg at this Hamtramck shop

Unique workshop teaches décor technique and history

While walking by the Polish Art Center in Hamtramck on Joseph Campau, chances are, your curiosity will peak. When you walk inside, you’ll quickly realize, the place is pretty amazing. Owner Joan Bittner explains, how it’s gone from a store, to a tourist destination. Here’s what happened when she contacted AAA.

“We called them and said, you need to have us in your tour book. And they said, ‘We don’t have stores in our tour book’. And I said, ‘You have Bronners’, and they said, ‘That’s more than a store.’ And I said, ‘You never even been here.’ So, they came... we’re in their book,” Joan Bittner, owner of the Polish Art Center told “Live in the D’s” April Morton.

Their brochures she says are even at Detroit’s Metro Airport, making their center one of the must see’s while visiting Metro Detroit.

In their 50 years of business, they’ve seen visitors come from all over. “We had a gentleman who came from Tennessee, then he went back the next day. We had two ladies that came in from Chicago just for our store,” Bittner said.

She says, if you don’t get the opportunity to visit Poland, no worries, they have everything you need at the Polish Art Center, including the popular “Pisanki” egg. This is a decorated egg that has a tradition dating back centuries in the Polish culture. Workshops to learn the décor technique, and history behind it are held at the center. April Morton gave egg decorating a try.

To see how April’s design turned out, and for more information about the Polish Art Center, click the video above.